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First lets meet and develop an understanding. Based on these meetings a first impression is evaluated, this will immediately lead to the beginning sketch up of the space requirement taking place on ground floor of your design, and from here we will build up. You can also leave it to us to access potential sites to confirm their suitability and make recommendations.


The 2nd floor process consists of us producing an office design concept and detailed cost proposal to suit your selected site. Our experienced team of interior designers and project managers will talk you through the conceptual design & make sure its exactly what you had in mind. We’ll set out the timeline with all the major milestones for completion of the project.


Then we’ll get down to the details, bringing us a step closer to reality of your dream home. With us always working closely to deliver a detailed design within the agreed budget. By doing so we’ll sort out; The refurbishment or fit out plans. The construction team Furniture Fittings and finishes the end product to your satisfaction.


Our experienced construction team will transform your vision into reality, and our project managers will ensure that the installation is completed to the highest standard. Quality work and safety are handled with precaution. You’ll be involved and encouraged to share your ideas the whole way. For this is a partnership, enhanced through communication.

About Us

The industry of Architecture, interior design and commercial fit out in which we work in, became known to us 20 years ago. A period which has constructed our philosophy; that art is only produced when a masterpiece has life, and life to share. This idea always revolves in our minds before we start something, we believe our profession is a branch of art, and in order to produce art one must treat it as one. Like all things that start of somewhere, the starting point of our 10-year international career began with high rise, and luxury residential building projects. We then expanded to Western Australia, and as a registered building company we continue to work in all areas of the building industry, from commercial to residential projects. We focus on every project, no matter how large or small with a tailored approach that is unique to every client. Our focus has always been to turn our client’s dreams into realities.


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